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Samukhina Neonilla

Born in 1962, in Leningrad.

Petersburg writer, philosopher, soitologist, author of songs and poems, as well as novels and stories that were characterized as ‘light prose against dark being' by the member of the Writers' Union, Arno Sergey. Graduated Saint Petersburg State University , philosophy department with a first-class honours degree in 1990. Headed “The Continuation of Life” publishing house in 2000. Developed the doctrine of coupling and introduced the terms “soitology” and “soitologist” in 2001. Published some erotic-educational albums, which are world bestsellers. Opened “Institute of Soitology” in Saint Petersburg in 2004, where she published an album “Office Kama Sutra”, highly discussed not only in Russia but in Great Britain, USA, India and Germany, and her educational album “The art of the experienced or everything about oral caresses” that is without analogy in the world.

Editions in “Institute of Soitology” publishing house:

  • Office Kama Sutra. 2004
  • The Art of the Experienced or everything about oral caresses. 2004

Editions in other publishing houses:

  • Stars and Sex. Astrology of love. – SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2001
  • Sexual Positions. (in co-authorship with Isaev, Dmitry). – SP.: The continuation of life, 2001–2004
  • The Nature of Russian Sex. – SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2002
  • Stories. – Collected stories: “Petersburg erotic prose”. SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2001
  • Young Family Intimate Encyclopedia. - SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2002–2003
  • Young Family Sex Encyclopedia. - SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2001–2003
  • Confession. – SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2004
  • Ways of Reclining. – SP.: “Neva” publishing house, 2004
  • Young Family Sex Encyclopedia. – SP.: “Neva” publishing house, 2004



Denis Robert

Denis Robert est ne a Moyeuvre, le 9 mai 1958. Il vit aujourd'hui a Metz, a une trentaine de kilometres de son lieu de naissance. Quand on s'etonne de cette proximite, il dit qu'il ne comprend pas non plus, mais qu'il est pres a partir si on lui trouve une villa au bord de la mer, ou une villa au bord du boulevard Saint Germain (avec une piscine couverte). Ancien lyceen (Bac D mention bien), ancien etudiant brillant en psycholinguistique (DEA mention super honorable), ancien reforme des armees (version P4), ancien ouvrier communal (l'annee de ses dix-sept ans pour se payer une Honda Amigo), ancien journaliste de Liberation ou il a ecrit pendant douze ans un petit peu sur tout, mais aussi sur rien, il est l'auteur de cinq romans (Chair Mathilde, Bernard Barrault, 1991):

•  Je ferai un malheur. — Fayard, 1995
•  Notre heros au travail. — Fayard, 1997
•  Tout va bien puisque nous sommes en vie. — Stock, 1998
•  Le bonheur. — Les arenes, 2000

De deux essais :
•  Pendant les affaires les affaires continuent. — Stock, 1996
•  La justice ou le chaos. — Stock, 1996.

•  D'un album de photos avec Rene Taesch (Portrait de groupe avant demolition, Stock, 1997). D'un documentaire pour le cinema realise avec Philippe Harel (qui ne s'en est toujours pas remis) :

•  Journal intime des affaires en cours (avril 1998), dont on attend toujours la cassette video. Sinon, il a aussi ecrit qui nous occupe aujourd'hui. Sinon, quand on lui demande plus precisement ce qu'il fait, a l'instar d'un de ses heros, il repond qu'il bricole. Il est generalement inutile d'insister pour en savoir plus.

Editions in “Institute of Soitology” publishing house:

  Le bonheur. 2005



Kubersky Igor

Born in 1942, in Ulianovsk.

The member of Saint Petersburg Writers' Union . Writer, poet, interpreter. Graduated Saint Petersburg State University , philosophy department in 1970. Translated works by G. Miller, R. Bach, R. Zhelyazny and some other American and West-European writers. Began collaborate actively with “The Continuation of Life” publishing house and wrote some erotic works in prose, which are standards of erotic literature in our country at present. His new trilogy, “The Maniac”, “The Masseuse” and “Lola”, started his life in the world. It wins readers' hearts by piercing erotic images, delicate metaphors, men's psychology and sensual relationships knowledge.

Editions in “Institute of Soitology” publishing house:

  • The Masseuse. 2004
  • The Maniac. 2004
  • Lola. 2004

Editions in other publishing houses:

  • Light to the stage. – L.: Lenizdat, 1979
  • Gleams. – M., Young Guard, 1987
  • Night in Madrid. – SP.: Gelicon Plus, 1997
  • The Maniac. - SP.: Gelicon Plus, 1997
  • Holiday of Dates. - SP.: The continuation of life, 2000
  • Snail's Awakening. - SP.: The Continuation of Life, 2003



Vul Felix

Born in 1937, in Simpheropol.

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, medical science candidate, author of tens of popular scientific editions, and a relax program for the pregnant . Lives and works in Bremen , Germany .

Editions in “ Institute of Soitology ” publishing house:

  • Sexual Temptations or An Introduction to Erotic Cuisine. 2004
  • A Happy Woman and How to Become One. 2004

Editions in other publishing houses:

  • Akyn's Notes.
  • A Journey to Love. – D.: Stalker, 1998




Salten Felix  

Born in September, 6, 1869 , in Budapest. Died in October, 8, 1945 .

Austrian writer, critic, journalist. His real name is Zaltsmann Zigmund. Author of many books for children and adults. Chairman of Austrian PEN-club. Since 18 worked in different newspapers, became an influential critic in due course. Was a friend with Hofmanstal and Shnitsler. Was forced to leave the country in 1939 after joining Austria to Germany and moved to Switzerland . His children's novel “Bambi” gave him a world-wide fame (1923), and by it Walt Disney shot a cartoon. Zalten's second children's book “Emperor's horse” was published in 1934.

Published an erotic trilogy “The Life Story of a Viennese Prostitute”, “My Three Hundred and sixty-five Lovers”, “Josephine's Daughter” under the pen-name Josefine Mutzenbacher. Since then and up to now these novels are republished annually by German and Austrian publishing houses as they are the classics of Austrian erotic literature. They say that when Josefine Mutzenbacher died a six-kilometers funeral train moved after her coffin that was just a quarter of her beloved. Not without reason a fashionable network of brothels in Vienna are called “Josefine Mutzenbacher”. Thus Life pays a tribute to Literature. This trilogy will be published by October, 2004 in “ Institute of Soitology ” in Russian. The first book is already in sale.

Editions in “Institute of Soitology” publishing house:

  • Josefine Mutzenbacher. The Life Story of a Viennese Prostitute. 2004
  • Josefine Mutzenbacher. My 365 lovers. 2004
  • Josefine Mutzenbacher. Peperl – dother of a Viennese Prostitute. 2005

ditions in other publishing houses:

•  Die Hinterbliebene. Kurze Novellen. Wien: Wiener Verl. 1899
•  Der Gemeine. Schauspiel. Wien: Wiener Verl. 1901
•  Die Gedenktafel der Prinzessin Anna. Wien: Wiener Verl. 1902
•  Gustav Klimt. Gelegentliche Anmerkungen. Wien, Bln: Singer. 1903
•  Die kleine Veronika. Novelle. Bln: Fischer . 1903
•  Wiener Adel. Bln: Seemann (= Gro?stadt–Dokumente 14). 1905
•  Das Buch der Konige. Mchn: Muller. 1905
•  Der Schrei der Liebe. Novelle. Wien: Wiener Verl. (= Bibliothek moderner deutscher Autoren 5). 1905
•  Herr Wenzel auf Rehberg und sein Knecht Kaspar Dinckel. Bln: Fischer. 1907
•  Die Geliebte Friedrichs des Schonen. NovellenBln: Marquardt. 1908
•  Kunstlerfrauen. Ein Zyklus kleiner Romane. Mchn: Muller. 1908
•  Vom andern Ufer. Drei Einakter. Bln: Fischer. 1908
•  Das osterreichische Antlitz. Bln: Fischer. 1909
•  Olga Frohgemuth. Erzahlung. Bln: Fischer (= Fischer's Bibliothek zeitgenossischer Romane, Serie 2). 1910
•  Das Schicksal der Agathe. Novellen. Lpz: Insel. 1911
•  Die Wege des Herrn. Novellen. Wien: Deutschosterr. Verl. 1911
•  Wurstelprater. Wien: Rosenbaum. 1911
•  Gestalten und Erscheinungen. Bln: Fischer. 1913
•  Kaiser Max, der letzte Ritter. Bln: Ullstein (= Ullstein–Jugend–Bucher 12). 1913
•  Abschied im Sturm. Novelle. Mchn: Langen (= Langcn's Kriegs­bucher 12). 1915
•  Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter. Bln: Ullstein (= Ullstein–Ju­gend–Bucher 17). 1915
•  Die klingende Schelle. Roman. Bln: Ullstein. 1915
•  (Einl.) Osterreichische Novellen. Wien, Bln: Ullstein ( = Die funfzig Bucher 5). 1916
•  Kinder der Freude. Drei Einakter. Bln: Fischer. 1917
•  Der alte Narr. Novellen. Bln: Mosse (= Kronen – Bucher 48). 1918
•  Im Namen des Kaisers. Eine historische Erzahlung. 27 S. Wien: Lyra – Verl. (= Molitor's
Novellenschatz 8). 1919
•  Die Dame im Spiegel. Bln: Ullstein. 1920
•  Schauen und Spielen. Studien zur Kritik des modernen Theaters. 2 Bde. Wien: Wila – Verl. Fiedle. 1921
I. Ergebnisse.Erlebnisse.
II . Abende. Franzosen. Puppenspiel. Aus der Ferne.
•  Das Burgtheater. Naturgeschichte eines alten Hauses. Wien: Wila–Verl. Fiedler (= Die Wiedergabe 2, 1.2). 1922
•  Bambi. Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde. Bln: Ullstein. 1923
•  Der Hund von Florenz. Wien: Herz–Verl. 1923
•  Geister der Zeit. Erlebnisse. Wien: Zsolnay. 1924
•  Bob und Baby. Wien: Zsolnay. 1925
•  Neue Menschen auf alter Erde. Eine Palastinafahrt. Wien: Zsolnay. 1925
•  Schone Seelen... Lustspiel in einem Akt. Nachw. J. F. Wollf. Lpz: Reclam (= Reclam's UB. 6537). 1925
•  Martin Overbeck. Der Roman eines reichen jungen Mannes. Wien: Zsolnay. 1927
•  Gesammelte Werke in Einzelausgaben. Wien: Zsolnay. 1928–1932
•  (Einl.) L. Karpath: Jedermann seine eigene Kochin. 222 auserlesene Koch­rezepte mit Ratschlagen und einer Betrachtung uber Feinschmeckerei. Mchn: Knorr & Hirth. 1930
•  Freunde aus aller Welt. Roman eines Zoologischen Gartens. Abb. Wien: Zsolnay. 1931
•  Funf Minuten Amerika. Wien: Zsolnay. 1931
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•  Renni, der Retter. Das Leben eines Kriegshundes. Ruschli–kon/Zurich: Muller. 1941
•  Die Jugend des Eichhornchens Perri. Zurich: Muller. 1942
•  Kleine Welt fur sich. Eine Geschichte von freien und dienenden Geschopfen. Zurich: Muller. 1944
•  Djibi das Katzchen. Ruschlikon/Zurich: Muller. 1945


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